Holy Man AI Broken On All Difficulties Except Hardest

Game Version: Steam

  • Build 28529 (whatever live is as of 9/17/19, I might be wrong)


This occurs with both Sumeria and Akkadia. On any difficulty setting except Hardest the AI will send their entire population at your priest as soon as you start converting. The only way to break the aggro is for the priest to leave vision range of the enemy units. Understandably, this makes the scenario much more difficult than intended, as getting more than 2 conversions with the priest is unlikely, and your priest will likely die in the process.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start level on any difficulty setting other than hardest
  2. Play the scenario.
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according to the game itself just two priests can win over an entire army. Lies huh?

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Covert the first than wall in the priest with a house :house_with_garden: and you be able to get more.