Holy Roman Empire feedback

platyed a lot of Holy Roman Empire in pvp and i have some feedback.

First, HRE faction bonuses are quite weak in practical terms. I understand prelate eco boost is massive, but only if u use Aachen chapel as first landmark, which auto loses to early knight factions. It loses becouse u dont get infrantry speed in time. If i choose meinwerk workshop i get infrantry speed in time, but i dont get eco boost. One prelate will buff only 10 villagers on one node which is weak. What is most important prelate counts as military unit, so select all military units completly kills prelate usefullness. And we all know everybody uses select all military, even pros use it.

My strong suggestion is to make prelate a civilian unit, just like china’s tax man. This is very important, without this change prelates are useless, which is only strenght of HRE.

HRE have the strongest eco early and probably the whole game.

People just not playing it correctly, and France is too strong right now.

It was the strongest civs in stress test and nothing nerfed.

Why do you say that about the HRE? (not being an ■■■) Seriously, just curious about your thoughts on why you think they have the strongest eco early and what others are doing wrong.

While I wouldn’t say they have the strongest eco it’s quite solid. Most high elo players put HRE at lower middle tier. They aren’t as weak as China and Delhi, but they are a bit on the weaker side.

Biggest problem i got with HRE is the fact that the unique infantry upgrades are rather “meh”, and their unique unit Landsknecht is pretty much useless… if they would been great if they added a unique mechanic where you could for a small fee switch the weapon-type the landsknecht carry, like Pike (anti cav) - Halberd (Anti Armor) - Zweihander (like now) Anti Infantry make the unit medium armored.
That way the HRE would have a expensive unique unit that can be re-adapted to suit the location needed.

France is no good against my infantry Mongols xD
I just Rush with rams to TC and they end up destroyed early in the game