Holy Roman Empire - Mastery's Mission 5 BUG

Hello, i have a BUG in the mission 5th of Holy Roman Empire mastery.
A ray of Hope

I build or Research Herbal Medicine and produce 5 prelates from the monastery in the Castle Age (III)

i tryed in: *Singleplayer against IA!
*Multiplayer against IA
*Multiplayer Matchmaking
and nothings happen.

HRE Holy ■■■■|690x388

I had the same issue but on the Fleet of Foot mastery before it. I have made over 30 troops with marching drills many times with spears and then man at arms, and neither times the mastery is being completed. I think there is a certain issue causing a mastery to not get recognition after a match, I don’t think it may be specific to the mastery itself.