Homecity doesnt level up most of the time (Skirmish)

Hey guys,
im having a great time playing this game, but often my homecity doesnt level up like it should.
Im playing skirmishes without handycaps or cheats.
Ex: It says ingame i reached level 11 with my swedish homecity, i started on Lv8.
I win the game and go to the statistics tab and close the skirmish from there.
If i go back to my skirmish menu, i see that its still Lv8 ?
Is this a known bug or am i doing anything wrong ?
I had this bug before when i just left without viewing the stats, i googled around and found out that i should exit with the stats tab.
It helped a couple of games but now it doesnt work again.
I appreciate anything :slight_smile:
Greetz TheNic97

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I have the same problem, but it’s about my multiplayer games with friends against IA, never a level up.
I only can get some by playing solo, which I usually don’t. I don’t know why.
I play most of the time revolution, but not only. Weird.

Hello. I have the same problem. I been playing with the Chinese civilization, and I got to level 7 last time. But when I go to see my Home City or “Metropoli” in the spanish version, I am still at level 4 in my Home City. Quite anoying really. Hope they can give us some solution. Greetings to every one!