Homecity prop question (can't see prop and modify explorer name)

Hey there!
I have two questions about homecities.

  1. I have activated some props in the Spanish homecity but I can’t see them. Is there a fix?
  2. Not all homecities have a modifiable explorer. How can I change the name of an explorer if don’t have that choice?

If the prop is a decorative npc walking around then it’s possible you’ve just gotten unlucky and you’ve not gotten a glimpse of them in view yet. Otherwise, it may be a bug that needs patched. For the explorer naming just go to the home city screen and then hit the button for civ descriptions at the top of the screen (I think it’s on the right with a house and gear icon) this should let you read up on each civ and rename both your explorers and your home cities.

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Yeah it’s on the top right