Honfoglalás scenario does not end, until all the enemies are defeated

Game Version:

  • Build version
  • Platform: Steam


The historical battle Honfoglalás does not end if player defeats Great Movaria and East Frankia. The mission statement is that player must defeat two from three enemies, but scenario does not end even if player achieves this goal.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Play the battle of Honfoglalás.
  2. Discover the Byzantine camp to get the side objective to wage war against Bulgaria (I’m not sure is this required to reproduce the bug).
  3. Defeat Great Movaria and East Frankia.
  4. The main objective does is now fullfilled, but the scenario does not end. Only way to stop the scenario is to kill all the other players on the map, including Byzantines.

Ornlu the Wolf managed to demonstrate this back when the game was still in beta


Every single unit must be killed to complete this scenario. (Not buildings)

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this is true. The wins conditions do not trigger victory.