Hope every construction will be extensive use

just like sc2 does,every construction are usefull.even a house of humen can have extensive use,in sc2.then,everything can be
unique, and precious.

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I dont see a building that isnt used in current games. They took out useless building.

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I would like to see more passive/ decorative buildings that provide a small bonus… such as a town well…which could provide a food trickle. (possible use of spy to poison well? stopping or making a negative trickle) or makes nearby farms 10% better.

a pub/ inn that gives a coin trickle from the taxes on things sold. (train mercenaries?)

bakery/ eatery/ butcher shop-- food or coin trickle, it could even be a negative trickle to food while converting it to a bigger trickle of coin

cobblers house-- 10% villager speed

and maybe a few others with a small build limit that just help feel like a town is really built but still helps provide some kind of bonus.


Delhi Sultanate buildings will buff other buildings that are close to them according to the civilisation description. Seems like those are just the generic buildings though so no unique buildings that only provide buffs.

The English mills (maybe all mills) seem to provide a buff to farms that are directly next to them (golden spots marked on the building grid), maybe that’s the gold bonus mentioned in the description.


those are cool mechanics… I just was hoping for all the civ builder types to get a little appeasement with buildings just to make pretty towns, while also adding a strategic economic contribution.

I like that they are thinking in this direction. There are just so many building types left out that a town would have, and everything is so beautiful, would like to see more.

glad they are putting in roads and such, so that is a start!