Hope improve some functions for content creator


is make it more easy to search rank match to ob/cast

Now , if you are not in pro player friend list
And they hide their history
You cant cast any game and this is so limit small content creator

I am really thankful that only Viper open his game history , and he is the other one pro player i can cast his game

I know Pro want to hide their strategy
But give them options , what they want to hide , Quick Match ? Rank or Custom ?


Custom game search really not work normally
Sometimes work sometimes not
Is really hard to find games

Beta released mods is great, but why not put them to search options in quick match ?
This is way more easy to find match then in custom game page

If i want to play mod , and i am not in any discord or my country community is small , i dont have many friends to play with me
and ingame search engine is sucks
What can i do ?