Hope the variant CHN CIV can make more differences

Firstly, I declare that the following views are purely for casual discussion, so please do not make unfriendly comments.

I think if the new variant of Chinese is a fragment of CIV, then the cumbersome dynasty system should be abolished, right? I personally look forward to a normal and relatively relaxed Chinese CIV, and even the imperial official system can be abolished based on this concept.

In terms of military services, replacing the Shield MAA of Palace Guards, replacing the Hand Artillery Cavalry of Fire Lancer (using previously abandoned designs), perhaps the Early Crossbowman (also using previously abandoned designs)? Will variant Chinese have harquebus? Alternatively, Handcannoneer with upgraded “pyrotechnic technology” can be replaced with a harquebus model. Grenadiers with extremely low appearance rates may be given variant Chinese, and there seems to be a lack of special spearmen in the game.
In addition, whether it is possible to add the unit “Culverin” to the variant CHN, first of all, to enhance the CHN’s later frontal battlefield combat capabilities. Secondly, historically, China produced a large number of such weapons during the Ming Dynasty, which may be more than the entire Europe combined. In contrast, it is strange that CIVs such as ABS, which repel gunpowder weapons, have “Culverin”.

Because the landmark buildings of the variant CHN are likely to be redone, it means they do not have “Astronic Clocktower” and supporting siege weapons, so they will not be too IMBA.

And reactivate the cancelled “arsenal” building?Or use it instead of a blacksmith’s shop.
Or could it be used as a building unlocked by the Ming Dynasty?

In fact, the Chinese AOE forum initially unanimously believed that the new variant of Chinese would be a CIV that emphasizes military and cavalry advantages, but now it seems that the name is more prominent in economic operations? I’m curious that the current Chinese language is already enough to test operations and awareness. Is it really necessary to create a Chinese language that requires higher standards from players? Of course, this is just my guess and I am looking forward to the official announcement of their true thoughts.

I am very looking forward to the new unit and model of chinese!


Considering what happened to the Ayuubid dynasty, in reference to its differences with its civ classica or father, Abbasid, we could make several conjectures for Zhu Xi:

  • New main mechanics.- Some civs have main mechanics, the Abbasid revolve around their House of Knowledge, the Ottomans around Vizir Points, the Chinese around Dynasties. The Ayyubid were shown to retain the House of Knowledge, but with a very different mechanic than “unique technologies”. I suppose that the same with the Chinese, now they will no longer have the dynasty mechanics, but something else.

  • New Landmarks? - Until now everything they said in the article about civ variants had a certain premonitory meaning: The “new hero” (Joan of Arc) and “revised civilization mechanics” (Ayyubid House of Wisdom), were deciphered, but there are more: “…which might be a new set of landmarks, new units, revised or wholly new technologies or civilization mechanics, and more”. When the teaser for the expansion came out, one of the promotional images showed many already known HRE Landmarks but with somewhat strange units, I thought it was a skin like in Starcraft II, but apparently they were units from the Order of the Dragon. Let’s consider that only half of the HRE Landmarks are new, what will it be like for the Chinese variant? Are you also planning another set of Landmarks? It is very possible.

  • Unique units? At least with Juana it seemed to be the case (although she didn’t expect it), and the Ayyubid gave an incredible number of over 6 unique units. Of the Order of the Dragon at least it seems that it will be true for a variant of Horseman, Landsknecht, Men-at-arn, Spearman (4). What will it be for the Chinese variant then? There are many units from the Chinese Middle Ages that could have been added, I just assumed that for balance reasons, they didn’t want to give it even more. However, it could now be the case that these units may appear in their variant. The real question is: How many?


I like playing as China so I am pretty excited for the variant and hope it’s pretty different


Anything can be… Joan of Arc has 3 UUs: Joan herself, her champions (MAA) and her riders (horsemens)… the Abbasids have her 6 UUs, OotD (maybe would have the UUs of the HRE plus Bohemian, Magyar and Balkans) and Zhu Xi Song-Ming religious units…

Based on what we know of Jeanne, it doesn’t look like abolishing what makes the civilisation stand apart from other civilisations is the goal. Your hope is that they’ll remove two cornerstones of the Chinese civ’s identity in AoE IV?

I don’t see that as likely, personally. But who knows.

I like your idea. The current dynasty system is not well-designed as they present too late in the game. Aging up is already costly enough and advancing dynasty even double the cost, this is really unaffordable so most Chinese players simply get stuck on Song dynasty for the entire 1v1 game, or maybe they can enjoy Yuan dynasty only for the several minutes before they win the game. Honestly I haven`t seen any match where Chinese has Yuan and still loss the 1v1 game, this is also an evidence that Chinese development curve is not smooth as they have a too underpowered early game and a overpowered late game.

Back to the discussion of dynasty, I think it should play a more significant role in Chinese playing, for example, like the Mexican revolution in AoE3 which provides the civ a different way to age up, or just remove the trait as you said. But I don`t really think the devs will remove dynasties as that will lead to a redesign of every Chinese landmark, especially the Spirit Way because dynasty unit will be removed with the dynasty.

In the end, I would say if advancing in dynasties is a highlight point in Chinese history, then Chinese should involve it more in the gameplay instead of make players play for Song for the most of the time. Let`s wait and see what will be the final design.

Zhu Xi is a scholar, Dheli rely on scholars, so I guess the new Chinese civ will be a combination of Dheli and Chinese. :rofl:

“Zhu Xi” may just be a name, unrelated to the game. Devs may not really think of a good name, so they looked at historical materials, found “Zhu Xi”, and found that “Zhu Xi” is a celebrity who can be used as a DLC name, that’s all. I want to see a Chinese DLC game mode that is as simple as the English, if it’s too complex, it’s not fun.

The original civs are not going to change that much. Variants will give some new ways to play the civs but that’s it. Maybe it could be that the Chinese variant will be easier to play, more accessible, but that’s about it. I think it’s the most mysterious out of the 4.

Did you take this photo in the game campaign?

It was taken from the early promotional images of the game, and of course, it can also be built in the campaign.

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I think the whole point of variant civ is to explore existing mecanics in a different way.

So my guess is that they chose China for a variant civ so they can have another civ with dynasties, but those dynasties would give different bonus.

With china i really hope we get 6 new landmarks. But i think they will still be able to build both per age, and gain dynasties, just that the dynasties will give different bonus and unlock different units.

That is my current guess.

And that’s pretty much what they did with ayyubids. They wanted another civ that can age up without landmarks and that had to be a variant of abassid.

Considering what they said that many of the teachings of Neo-Confucianism are ############## I doubt they have pagodas or the Buddhist monastery as a religious building. In fact, Confucianism also has its own temples, the Temples of Confucius.

They could also put the Confucius Temple of Chou Fu as a Wonder, or some of its pavilions and buildings as landmarks.