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I hope it’s not WW1 or WW2. Better stick to medival


I had no idea there were so many World War RTS games. If I wanted to play one of them, I probably would have by now.


Also Relic is very probably working on Company of Heroes 3 as well, so I think it is even more unlikely AOE4 would be a World War RTS.


Exactly. My bet on medieval setting


Company of Heroes: Online was a thing, too.


Youre right if relic really working on company of heroes or other world wars franchise.


If they stick to their guns, and get the right mixture of RTS elements from the classic RTS style games and mix them with new concepts that are historically accurate, this could easily become game of the year. They should have the late middle ages because you just finished updating a game from that era. Please make the really long resource intensive stretch to the late game with. I don’t want to see guns in the early game.
It would be nice if the map sizes were scaled up and a bigger scope of view. I am not sure if I liked circular maps. I think it is possible to hex yourself if you played enough hours of the game with a mod installed, which is why I advise against a circular minimap. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got cursed multiple times and didn’t even realize it. Go back to squares, please
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT.
Remember what made AOE great, don’t sacrifice features that became the heart and soul of the game. Don’t be EA.


I’m still waiting for some sort of evidence that the game is even in development.


The weekly official Age of Empires stream with Kat and Eliot from Relic Entertainment is proof enough.


Proof of what? That they play AoE II?


It is proof that Relic Entertainment is under contract with Microsoft for AoE IV.


Also the Windows Youtube channel often answers comments with “Good things come to those who wait” or something similar. Or look at Adam Isgreens Tweet “When we’re ready to share, we won’t be shy about it” regarding to a user asking for new information about Crackdown 3 and Age of Empires.

So I think it’s very, very unlikely they stopped working on Aoe 4.