Hoping for anniversary stuff

Been a long time fan. Was hoping for something new. I know AOE3 isnt as celebrated as AOE2 or Isnt as promoted as AOE4 but still. It might have at least a bit of consideration. It is the first true AOE that stepped in to 3d Graphics and utilized amazing physics and environments…

I am hoping for a new DLC, new update, some fixes. I’m just hoping for something. I like this RTS the most for its uniqueness and i hope others who manage this game can see it too.


I agree, the current rotation of civilizations may attract new players, but for old players, there is nothing to encourage them to stay.

It’s true that the last update brought a lot of new things, and I thank the devs for that, but I think that other reskins are necessary, for example the dragons which I find ugly in their current skins (except the ports of course ).

I hope their next update will be worth the wait.


Sure, don’t worry about this.



Happy anniversary Age of Empires III!


There MUST be something today!!!

I would be happy if the DLC premiered unexpectedly today (even solo civ DLC, e.g. Brazilians) and an announcement that more DLCs will come in the future.

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I just hope a little update.DLC is a extravagant hope.

Unless the Skin Pack DLC xDDD


Evil, just evil

20 characters needed

I’d honestly even be happy with a small update and a “We’ve got 1-2 new civs coming in December, in time for Christmas”.

They wouldn’t even need to tell us what civs, they could have fun with it and give us some obscure hints that have everyone wondering what’s coming.


Can someone pin the guy in charge of communications that promised to improve AoE3 communication and visualization?


+1 (X 100,000) times

Seeing how many other companies/publishers faked hype for their own products makes this a complete joke.

Guess why people suddenly started to remember the anniversary? Because we haven’t got a single piece of information or communication for months and this is the only copium we have.

I once even believed DE was the perfect chance to bring together this so-called “series” where one game has been sh*tted upon by another for a decade. Because after the interview of the ex-developers calling it a mistake (the only one about the game you can find in 10 years), and after AOE2 got an HD and three DLCs, AOM got an HD and a DLC, Rise of Nations got an HD, there is finally something for the black sheep of the “series” to receive at least some recognition.
(Oh honorable mention to the respected but estranged grandpa AOE1 btw)

They could safely and efficiently spend some tiny efforts into creating an illusion of “hey we think you’re also a part of the series and we honor the game’s legacy”, so that we won’t be slapped on the face with “even the developers hate it” anymore. Maybe some public media post, or some polite though insincere mentions in interviews and events, or “better communication”.

But it ends up with “there are even players who want the card system from AOEO (surprised)”, “AOE2 is more popular” when advertising AOE3DE, and exclusion from almost every major event (including a “25th anniversary of the series” right after a huge DLC for the game). They could have softened the discrimination among the series, but they only acted following it and further enlarged it. And now we have two games to sh*t on us (one being the spiritual successor of the other).

These ironically confirm that this series is indeed managed by the passionate fans because they just act exactly like the most toxic fans of the “series”, without trying to do anything political to mislead “a smaller and less important part of the community” into believing they matter.

Maybe the most political thing they ever did was to make AOE3DE at all. They could simply skip it (like in the time of the HDs) and the “bigger and more important part of the community” would not care at all, but they even spent the herculean efforts (with great reluctance) assigning someone to make it. I’m moved to tears.

Enjoy being the black sheep of the family for another decade.

I still believe we have great developers but the management and communication is really bad. Much worse than some other companies including the really notorious ones (which, again, at least know to fake hypes).
The fact that this is especially the case for some games of the series but not the others makes it even worse.
It’s the developers doing really good jobs that somewhat covers this problem.


Well perhaps I’m speaking too soon but as of right now considering World’s Edge can’t be bothered to send out a tiny little tweet celebrating either birthday here’s a Capy with a birthday hat.


Capybara doesn’t get a cake for its birthday…


@lnfernoGalore hey there! Just checking in with this. Last time you said the following and I think now would also be a good time to get your insight:

I’m trying to bring attention back to Age III DE in general! It’s baby steps while we wait on the patch (soon), but the game is definitely not forgotten and I’m trying to get back to more fun community things instead of just patches and hotfixes all over socials like it has been the past six months.


The solution here is to not buy AoM Retold when it comes out, convince others as much as possible to not buy AoM Retold, and then also review bomb it when it does come out lmao

Of all the games I play at the moment, this is the only game that the team apparently didn’t care about at all about the anniversary, just 3 years after its release, it surprises me, and there was a good hype because it was free and it achieved a good peak. of players at the moment have completely abandoned the anniversary and if they don’t because they want to do a big event in general for the anniversary of age 4 at least if that is the case they would have warned anyway, I never expect any of this Because already knowing how they launched the game and the attempt to improve it are quite vague, you already have an idea of the future and those who are behind this,

Personally, I preferred that they not add the DLC, they ruin the competitive environment, they make it shit. When Africa’s pay to win came out, it was as shameless as a Blizzard company, because I can already imagine what new mechanics it will bring and it will be completely unbalanced. Even so, they don’t learn. They took a long time to balance, such as Italy and so on in general, if it already took them a century to release a patch, they took about 3 months to nerf what was obviously broken about Hakkapelite, such as shotel, gascenia, obus, etc. a lot of Units I understand that it is difficult but when something is already out of logic, this simply becomes stupid to play the game, the single player content of the DLC is little and it also makes me question if the game is an RTS, due to the difference in gameplay which has to have a French, Ottoman, Russo etc vs Italy and Hausa.

I don’t understand how they plan to bring more players by making the game free if the recs get out of sync, the invitations for the game arrive with a tremendous delay and the ranked team games, when you finish, take another year to show how much rating you lose or win and why? Talk about optimization, real priorities to make the game attractive they had in the palm of their hand and they never did, just don’t expect anything good from this game, maybe with a DLC they will try to improve something about the game at the cost of breaking the competitive as always and money

AOE III is far from dead,

I don’t think it is. I don’t think condemning another AoE game with mean-spirited stuff is the way to go.

Join in on these kinda discussions, talk about the anniversary on the AoE general Discord and join in on AoE social media posts. Mention about AoEIII, praise it, say about how some updates/bugfixes/DLC would have a positive effect. Keep a positive, non-whiney stream of AoE3 messages. We just need AoE3 presence and the kind of presence that may potentially invite others into the awesome AoE3, rather see us as pestering moaners :smiley:


Like everybody else here I’m disappointed, but not surprised at the lack of attention given to AoE3:DE on its birthday. I even went to AoE’s official social media pages and, so far, there is not even a single mention about the anniversary. If it wasn’t for the weekly “A new civilization joins the rotation” and the monthly “This month’s event skin is X”, you wouldn’t even know that AoE3:DE still exists.

I decided to take a quick glance at their posts history to see if AoE3 is really that unpopular and… No, it isn’t, whenever there is an AoE3 related post, it gets the same average amount of likes/hearts/comments as any AoE2 or AoE4 post. There are people interested out there, people demanding updates and new content just like any other game.

This makes me even sadder that all we get is near total radio silence about AoE3’s future. At this point, even a generic “we’re working on something” would suffice.


Fine fine fine and now we have the “no new civ, balance, compeeeeeeetitive” propaganda sneaking in when the game is not even receiving a small patch or any piece of information about any upcoming small patch a year later.

I’ve changed my mind. We deserve this treatment. Just rot together with the competiteeeeeve community.