Horticulture does not affect all food sources

Not sure if this is a bug or working as intended, but Horticulture does not affect the gather rate of fish, deer or boar. I’m uncertain if the intent is that those affect the food sources that Survival Techniques doesn’t? Either way. The tooltip says “Increase Villagers’ gathering rate for food by 15%” and if it is intended to work this way, it’s a bit misleading, because that implies ALL food.

Here are my numbers:

Testing method: Timed, using an external timer, from the moment the harvesting animation begins, until the Villager gathers 10 food from the source. Divide ten by the time to get the amount of resource gathered per second. Obviously, there is a margin of error by a few milliseconds to start and stop the timer, but clearly those food sources were not increased by the advertised 15%. With berries, sheep and farms, there was a clear increase in production.

Before Horticulture:
Berries: 15.55 / 0.64 per second
Sheep: 13.60 / 0.73 per second
Farms: 11.56 / 0.86 per second (English)
Fish: 10.00 / 1.00 per second
Deer: 11.90 / 0.84 per second
Boar: 11.34 / 0.88 per second

After Horticulture:
Berries: 13.28 / 0.75 per second
Sheep: 11.72 / 0.85 per second
Farms: 10.59 / 0.94 per second
Fish: 9.48 / 1.05 per second
Deer: 12.36 / 0.80 per second
Boar: 10.99 / 0.90 per second


Thank you for the insight. I guess it makes sense because fish and hunt have their own upgrades.

Actually, Shoreline fish have no available bonus (as far as Villagers are concerned). It is not affected by either Survival Techniques or Extended Lines/Drift Nets. Survival Techniques only affects deer and boar and the Fishing Lines/Drift Nets only affect Fishing Boats.

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