Hospice for a new civ


It could be really fun to have a new civ with hospice. You send unit in it but not inside it (like a tc you can walk under it) and your unit heal like in a castle. It could heal at the same speed than a castle and have no limit of unit heal at the same time.

For which futur civ?
My first idea : Templar (I know that’s not a civ but it’s a group of people unify)
this civ should have no range building.
ballista will be available in feodal
In castle age the price of ballista is cut in half (they won’t have acces to heavy balista)
For each castle they build they receive a half of his price in gold.

My second one: a cavalry civ
doesn’t have access to infanterie building
they have access mount skirmisher
they have access to stable in dark age
they have access to trash ram in castle age who doesn’t cost gold and doesn’t have any armor.

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The last thing we need is another eu civ. Especially one that isn’t eu


for hospice it could also be a chinese civ. In a Taipei museum there is a painting about a big hospice from -1000 years. It’s mean they knowledge was great

Crusader orders like the Templars and Hospitalers are already covered by the european civs they draw their manpower from, such as the Franks and Teutons. I see little point in making a new civ that isn’t its own people.