Host rejected

Im trying to play casual multiplayer with my friend but everytime he joins my game or i try to join his it displays a message saying “host rejected” and won’t let me play with him. We both have no mods installed, obviously we arent blocked and our verions are the same except at the end of his version number it says P25.2.1

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did you manage to get a fix for this? getting the same issue

You can ask him if he can send you the patch files.
If he opens the following : ‘’ c\user\username\games\aoe3DE\usernumber\patchData ‘’
There is a folder located named ''25.2 ‘’
Backup your savegame folder.
Then post the folder he had send you in the exact same path.
Done, you are patched.

** This is not an official work around **
Sorry for the inconveniences.

Greetings, Maxy.

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