Hosting a $50+community contributed tournament on Nov. 21, rules below

quick edit: realized I didn’t include the region in the title… intended to be NA/USA based at this time for this tourney. Sorry for non-NA folks reading this :frowning: If this gets popular enough, I will happily host EU/Asia regions as well on other slots!

Hey AOE gang,

XIV, new member around here. I’ll start with a TL;DR – fell in love with the game (I’m an AOE2 Castle blood nerd and former AOE3 super-nerd), and am aspiring to increase the level of AOE4 multiplayer for the community by facilitating some chill small money $ tournaments.

We all love the Vipers and Heras of the AOE world but, competition exists at all levels no? :slight_smile:

The goal would be to have these every couple of weeks or so, depending on its continual growth and/or support. To respect people’s Sunday time, this tournament format will be held such that games are simultaneous up until the finals – I’ll basically stream whatever I can while the games are going on and slow it down near the end of semis.

I am writing these rules as a 1st iteration of what could be evolving based on community feedback. There are two themes: 1) nobody wants to see cheese over and over; so each player gets 1 ban for each game (i.e. up to 3 unique bans total, for a 3 game BO3 series). We want to foster engaging gameplay that long-term aligns with the game’s intent, not how well a Mongol can TC rush a woodline.


-* Bo1 Qualifier/Play-in game before main tournament start – the 8th highest rated ELO player vs. an RNG picked 9th player for the 8th and final spot (RNG from sign-up sheet)
-* After Bo1 play-in, Single elimination, 8-spots (QF, SF, F) Bo3 all rounds
-* Seeding based on ELO, as rated by Age of Empires IV Leaderboards - Age of Empires


-* I will take the Top 8 ELO from the sign-up sheet, with the ratings taken final as of midnight striking on Friday the 19th (i.e. as Saturday is realized). This gives a 24 hour period where communications and planning can take place to ensure the competitive and viewing experience isn’t rushed.
-* If enough people sign up, I will take a random 9th person off the sign-up sheet.
-* Minimum of 8 people need to be signed up, time commitment expected up to 300 minutes (assuming the worst case scenario of 9-10 wins needed to win the whole thing)
-* I will reach out to your steam IDs and send a friend request by noon Saturday, with the intent to leave/send you a message about next steps for Sunday and scheduling.


-* Seeding is based on ELO.
-* You must play on US WEST or US EAST.
-* Alternate hosts for games (to ensure each player has a chance to host on server with less ping if applicable); for the 3rd deciding game, higher seed based on ELO gets to host.
-* Disconnects are treated automatically as losses unless the winner chooses to concede the round (e.g. clearly losing but opponent’s internet died; still, this is optional until the devs release a save & rollback)
-* Each player gets to ban 1 civ, or choose not to ban any. Bans are known/shared when the custom lobby is made and respected. If either player does not abide by the ban, remake and correct quickly.
-* We will leverage both friend/custom game lobbies and public servers with password protections to quickly host games; the latter only used if in game account is having issues with inviting & creating groups.
-* Maps will be RNG’d – I’ll post all 3 maps for each match-up prior to tournament start. The host is responsible for picking the right one – the attendee should verify. If they play on a map that was not the designated one beyond the 1 minute mark, play on – otherwise, remake.


  • I’m pitching in $50 of my own money as the winner-take all prize pool. During the stream, donation link will be available – half of the donation will be added to the prize pool and the other half will be kept for supporting the channel and tax related fees that come with your generosity. If the prize pool grows above $200, The 1st and 2nd place will receive 75/25. Payments via Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle.

Sign-up sheet is here Candidly speaking I’m still setting up a Twitch account for the first time and gauging community interest – but for now, here’s my channel: Twitch. Drop a follow (no subs at this time, I don’t believe) to see when we’re live that Sunday without having to come back to Reddit.

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