Hot CPU in Masteries Menu

Has anyone else noticed their CPU getting hot in the masteries menu? I don’t understand what could be causing this.

When I run the game my cpu stays around 50C for the most part… but I’ve noticed recently that when I am in the Masteries menu and click on a civilization to view their goals and rewards that my fans rev up and my cpu heats up to 68C. From what I’ve read 68C is a fine temp, but considering I usually stay under 50C while in a multiplayer match I don’t understand what about the masteries page might be causing so much heat… any ideas?

The CPU immediately cools off when I exit the game but when I enter masteries and remain in the game it stays hot while if I never enter the masteries page it never gets hot… at least that’s what I’ve noticed from the few tests I’ve run.

Again, this is when in the masteries menu; having clicked on a civilization to view their goals/rewards. Before clicking a specific civilization the temperature remains the same. Clicking the “training mastery” seemed to heat it up a bit as well but once clicking on a civilization (with more mastery goals/rewards than the training masteries) it heated up even more… so maybe it could have something to do with the amount of goals/rewards displayed but this still seems like a trivial amount of information compared to what takes pace during an actual game.

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I experience this issue. The game gets slow at mastery menu. i thought it was just my loptop but im glad i found out that im not the only one who experience it.

i go down to 1-10FPS in the menu’s after visiting the masteries, and i’m on PC. my GPU seems to go entirely idle until i load into an actual game.

definetly some issues here caused by the masteries page

I have the same issue, and hope dv. can fix it.

Yes same happens here. I even had my pc crash sometimes from the masteries menu and I have a high-end pc.

Occasionally the same happens when I’m cycling through the multiplayer matches to find one I want to observe.

The masteries bug is well known by devs, and the last patch didn’t find a solution. This is quite disappointing.

We are aware. Fix is in the pipeline. Thanks, all!

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