Hot key questions?

I just switched over to ‘default’ and am setting up some custom key presses.

Sometimes you change a command key and you get a little red asterisk. I assume this means there’s a conflict? Sometimes you get a green checkmark which I would assume means no conflict.

Sometimes you get both which is kinda weird. What’s up with that?

Now the real question - is there a place where I can find all the keys? For example I’ll try ‘M’ to find the market and it won’t work. I assume there’s an ‘M’ assigned already but I can’t find it.

Any suggestions welcome.

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Well i think for the default (i use it) is the same hotkeys for everything, i mean, if you select a military unit, their first stance is Q, then their second is W, the third E and so on, no matter what stances are, is not like melee mode is for E or W, it just depends in where it is for the unit; so the same applies to everything else, just see it like a mirror, the panel of the unit is the same as your keyboard, so, for the vills, the house wich is in the 1st position is Q, then i think market is the second so it would be W i think, then mill in E and so on, and then for the ones that are lower are the same order but instead of QWERTY is ASDFG and ZXCVB for the third i think, but as i said is not like the HK are assign to something in particular, just the position, so not all civs build houses with Q, some that can create something extra that goes above all makes it that vills now build houses with A, and then SDF etc. for example, musks or infantry that can build barracks and stuff like janissaries or sepoy, they have their stances normally in QWERT but because of the card the barracks, stable and castle or AF becomes the QWE and their stances become then ASDF or like russian musk that build forts, the fort becomes Q and their stances ASDF as well, this is what i have found so far xd.

That is the longest sentence I think I have ever seen.

And it doesn’t answer the question: What’s the red asterisk for?

I have one on ‘Find Market’ (which is ‘M’). And I find market fine I just don’t know what the asterisk is.

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