Hotfix 37906

A hotfix is live. Here the changelog:


  • Fixed an AoEURLInstaller_Steam.exe/VCRUNTIME140_1.dll error that would appear after updating to game build 37650 (the May update).

  • Fixed a crash when joining 3v3 or 4v4 Ranked Matches .

  • Fixed a crash when loading a garrisoned Ram onto a Transport Ship.

  • Fixed an issue where the Trophy Case mod would reveal the location of enemy Town Centers by displaying their trophies through the fog of war.

  • Updated the description of the ‘Calculating Research FX’ mod to clarify that it will only display when researching new technologies, not when producing units.

  • Updated the description of the sheep “auto-scout” reward to clarify that it is only available during the May-hem event and can only be used in single player matches and campaign missions.

  • Implemented several countermeasures to block external cheat programs. Please continue to report any individuals and programs used to gain an unfair advantage by messaging us at

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Devs always made their own threads. You can read here everything about the hot fix.