Hotfix for download / update!

Hey guys, if you have Problems to Download or Update Age of Empires Definitive Edition… Just do this:

1. go in the Microsoft Store
2. cancel download Age of Empires
3. DOWNLOAD ALL FREE XBOX APPS (or search for xbox crossbar i didnt found so i download all apps)
**4. restart the download or Update **
5. Happy download now its working… why this working i dont know but now i can play ^^

Someone told me in the Microsoft Community thats working by him when he download crossbar> so i test it and its working

Hey Leute falls ihr probleme beim Download oder Update von AoE DE habt hier ein Hotfix:

1. geh in den Store
2 breche den Download oder das Update ab.
3. download xboxcrossbar oder einfach ALLE kostenlose XBOX APPS
4. starte jetzt noch einmal den Download oder das Update
5. Freu dich und fang an zu zocken! ENDLICH!strong text

Jemand sagte mir in der Microsoft Community Forum dass, das Installieren der crossbar app iohm half da ich sie nicht gefunden habe habe ich alle heruntergeladen es hat funktioniert ^^

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You mean the Microsoft Xbox Game Overlay update, it comes along with the latest AOE DE update indeed. Canceling the stuck download and clicking download updates again will solve the problem already. The stuck download of the broken version prevented to get the update of the fixed version.

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Brilliant! Thank you so much. I was getting desperate as I read all other people were able to install and I was not. Thanks again. Greetings from Belgium.

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