Hotfix Tuesday anyone? No? Oh ok. Here, have my rant

We’re all patiently waiting for Brits to get the minor nerf they were promised to offset the buffs.
And for Sweden to get the minor buff they deserve to balance them out and make them playable again.

This last patch seems to have brought on more problems than solutions with added lag affecting everything.

As much as I’d like to believe that they want to make the next release air-tight with more controls, I think these big misses are indicative of more of the same.

I’m tired of being disappointed because I want to finally be able to rep this game to the world but don’t feel comfortable enough to do so when things like this keep plaguing it.

I don’t remember a single time in the last year and a half where:

  • there wasn’t a completely overpowered civilization or mechanic ruining ladder.
  • there weren’t awkward connectivity issues both before and after a match starts, completely ruining the experience outside of even important things like balance.
  • the user interface didn’t backfire and feel clunky, inefficient, and frankly - incomplete.

It’s been a year and a half since release with glaring game-breaking issues still present.

We all love this game and are opinionated and passionate.
We’re all trying to be patient here.

Do the two changes to Brits and Swedes, for example, really take more than a week if not a few minutes to implement?

What’s the red tape we’re not seeing here?

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The changes to swede and brit I’m not personally that bothered about and many average or lower skilled players won’t even notice the change. What I am surprised about is the bug to the african civs livestock market still hasn’t been fixed and that really is a problem, you can’t even get a house atm. The other changes I can wait for because the civs are still playable but opening for both african civs is ruined.


The bothersome part is that it was essentially a campaign promise, didn’t deliver through, and didn’t get rectified shortly after what seemed like a very simple change/request.

It was the promise and the failure to deliver despite the lack of difficulty of the task, and lack of follow-up.

If all of this was done at, say, a restaurant - it wouldn’t have been received well by paying customers. You could say it was “just water” but it’s not the right answer, and “just water” is subjective anyway.