Hotfix when?

When oh when will there be a hotfix? Before Tuesday I hope.


If there is I hope it scales back the Otts cav and the super fast sepoy generators.

It’s a hotfix not a patch. It will only fix bugs and stuff.

yeah considering I am still finding bugs today, its going to be a big one even if its a hotfix

I think this giant update needed time in the PUP.


Maybe because they want to announce it right after AOE2 patch and before 25th…and they want to make it a surprise…and it is too big.

Utterly insane that we haven’t gotten a hotfix to correct the most pressing game-breaking issues at least.


So tired of out of sync rage quit


that pup is useless, still bugs… and only like 5% of players use it

The word on the street was that they were trying to get it out late last week, but I think that was a bit optimistic. This week sometime seems more realistic, although there is likely a fair chance it slips to next week.


Hotfix just came out.


where? cant find this

I also couldn’t but my game is patching at the moment. I’m sure the notes will come out shortly as well. Can’t believe it took this long though.

If you’re on Steam, it should be in your queue to just download. I just did it, it’s small and quick. I just loaded steam the second I saw this thread and in my list of games, AOE3 had a highlight on it, scrolled over, boom, update.

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - Update 13.27885 - Age of Empires Scroll down to the bottom for the hotfix notes.

Not Fixed guys… You can test buy your explo…