Hotkey bug - Windows

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  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10 and Mac Catalina

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Hi, so my issue since the last update is the following. I used to have “go to all …” on CTRL + some key (Go to all Barracks → CTRL + B). Now when I press these keys, I jump to a single barrack instead of selecting all of them. Is this a known issue?

It does work if I select shift + B instead. However, I want to have my old normal hotkeys and not have to get used to new ones. First I thought it’s again some issue because I use crossover on MAC but I have the same on my winows Laptop. (which I don’t use for playing since its too slow + I cannot set hotkeys on MAC due to another bug which is already part of this forum I loose some hotkeys and i cant chage them back - #3 by Felizon89).

CTRL + shift + B also works, but still, i dont want to have to get used to something unfamiliar + I am mostly curious if anyone experiences the same?

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Now, idea, if this is reproducable since I couldnt find any other threads with the same issue. I wanted to know if anyone else experiences the same?

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For my hotkey to work as expected.

Hi @stroemming14
Ctrl+B Is the default hotkey for selecting single Barracks, did you make sure this hotkey is set to a different key/s and is not clashing with the hotkey you are trying to set?
Thanks for your report :slight_smile:

Yes youre right thank you. This all happened after I had to reset my previous setting and got mixed up when I had to restore them. I just never use “Go to Barrack” etc.

Thanks again, simple fix.

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