Hotkey customisation still worse than Aoe3 DE and Aoe2 DE?


I am referring to this article: Age of Empires IV Hotkeys Revealed - Xbox Wire

We see a list of hotkeys. Anyone who has played the stress test will immediately notice: Those are the exact same hotkeys as we had in the stress test. I did not notice any changes. If anyone did, please point them out.

So lets get straight to the point. These hotkeys are not sufficient. We already gave feedback on this. The overwhelming majority of players asked for the same hotkey customisation as in Aoe2 and Aoe3 and maybe even SC2. That means:

  • One hotkey to select all military buildings of one type: Stable/Barracks/Archery range…
  • One hotkey to select “all of one type” just like Aoe3 DE. This could mean units, or buildings anywhere on the map
  • I still see no camera hotkeys like in SC2
  • Mouse buttons were not usable in stress test, they need to work as hotkeys

Feel free to point out additional missing hotkeys. These 4 are talked about the most from what I have read.

The devs must not release the game with such a bad hotkey customisation.


At least switch the hotkey for lumber camp and mining camp so I don’t confuse them when switch from aoe2 to aoe4

I can live without select all barracks, select all archery ranges etc. It was a great feature but it is possible to play without.

The key issue is can we change all the hotkeys? I plan to rebind the “Select all military buildings” to something more convenient then use the mouse scroll to go between buildings.

Given that there are many different buildings that produce military units, not just barracks, archery ranges etc but also various keeps and landmarks, it might be a convenient way to doing it.

But the key issue is, can we rebind the hotkeys? Trying to reach the F1 while playing is insane, every important hotkey should be easy to reach. Also I am used to having QWERT as Select control group 1, Select control group 2 etc. This is much easier to reach than the 1-9 keys.

Everyone has their preference. But forcing the player to throw away years of muscle memory is insane, everyone want to be able to configure the hotkeys in a way that is convenient for them.


I’m also very worried about the apparent lack of a Pause function for multiplayer games (it was listed under Single Player for some reason). This is a real dealbreaker for a game that can go longer than an hour; how’d you like to lose a one-hour multiplayer game because your mouse battery died (or whatever) and you couldn’t pause? Absolute insanity.

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It took them more than 20 years to implement their first hotkey customization options.

Let that sink in.

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I’m really struggling to believe some of the decisions being made by the devs when it comes to this game. As a lefty I’ve always used unconventional hotkeys, more so with a rts (typically using numpad and even arrows keys… arrow keys are permanently locked into controlling your camera in aoe4). The hot key issue is really only one of so many concessions made, the overall quality of the game is suffering badly.

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So the link in OP says: Also know that you can remap many of these hotkeys and create multiple profiles to experiment with your optimal set up.
A different page about hotkeys here: Age of Empires IV Shortcuts Revealed – Age of Empires
says " all these keys are remappable in Age of Empires IV , allowing you to update and adjust as needed for your optimal gaming experience.
So I guess the question is, is it ‘all’ or is it ‘many’ and which ones…

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As for the stress test, you could not change all hotkeys. Some were unchangable but there was an option to select a 2nd button for the same action. So you had 2 buttons for 1 action but were unable to remove the preselected hotkey.

Yes you can change the F1 key to something else. For example I changed the “select all army” hotkey to F2, since thats what it is in Starcraft 2. And I changed the F4 key, which used to be economic buildings I think, to select all idle military, because thats what I use in Age of Empires 3.

Also, regardless of whether they are “all” or “many”, another problem is to change 1 hotkey of the grid you want and automatically change another 10 that you don’t want, because they are all pasted on the grid, it’s a system very restricted. From the way they put it I think it will literally be the same hotkey system as the Beta.