Hotkey improvements, grid keys are the best

I appreciate the new hotkeys as mentioned in the roadmap, as we tested in the previous beta, currently it only binds keys with the “ctrl” , in the beta you can bind the Altgr key, I hope so.

As requested in the insider forum, I expect in this patch a button for all town centers, the f4 button that leads to all the distinctive places does not allow to create 5 villagers with the “shift” button in 2 town centers.
With this I consider that the hotketys will be complete worthy of a competitive game, I consider the Grid keys system the best and avant-garde.

With this website I can perfect the use of hotkeys.

An old system in which the same key cannot be used in different buildings, I do not consider it better than Grid keys, but they have already promised to do it for the second season because it takes a long time, congratulations, they have heard you, we will have to see if that really is change helps them perfect the game, for my part I hope that change is optional!

its so much job and hard job
they are begginers!

u have to contact old ensemble studios to show they how to do a aoe game