Hotkey issues


When coming back to the game and finding the new fully customizable hotkeys, I started altering them to fit my habits.
However, some of them seem to have issues. This probably isn’t complete as I didn’t play a lot yet, but it’s a start :

  • not all unique abilities are listed. For example, the Mehter doesn’t have his abilities available to remap. Instead, it uses the grid settings, even if you are on fully customizable. Changing the grid hotkey and then switching back to customizable actually changes the shortcut used in game
  • some of the shortcuts when set don’t actually end up being used. Example : create longbowman in the archery range doesn’t use what I enter and uses the grid, same as previous point
  • no hotkey setting for the building pane of units that defaults to Y

Hope this can be fixed shortly as it is a bit tough to deal with.
Thanks for the great game and improving on it regularly though :slight_smile:

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I’ll add that when I started a game today wanting to try out the Malians in skirmish, the shortcuts for going into the building panes for villagers take the grid shortcuts, I have no idea why.

This only seems to apply to that civ.

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in addition to Malians switching to Grid, he also switches the military formations of X and C

Do you know if there’s any way to make the delete unit button to trigger instantly? Rather than having to hold it down. I find it super annoying when there’s a crucial fight happening and it takes me forever to delete something.

In hotkeys, I only found a way to change the delete hotkey, but not the duration behaviour.

Thanks, all! The team is working on these hotkey issues.

This cannot be done (yet), but the team is aware many people want this.