Hotkey options menu registers on key up where as in game it is on key down

Game Version:

  • Build (33315.0.4426672)
  • Platform (Steam)


When inside the menu to assign hotkeys, suppose I assign Ctrl+W to some action. I press Ctrl and then I press W. The game registers that I have assigned the hotkey only when I lift the W key. However inside the game, the hotkey is detected as soon as W key is down. This is an inconsistency. It would be better if it were on key down everywhere for keyboard inputs.

Reproduction Steps:

This can be easily tested in hotkey options menu by

  1. Click change hotkey for some action.
  2. Hold down Ctrl (or any other key modifier)
  3. Hold down any key (say W)
  4. Release Ctrl
  5. Release that key.

In the hotkey menu this will assign the hotkey W to that action. However in game, doing the same step 2-5, executes the action for hotkey Ctrl+W.