Hotkey problems

For some reason, modding DefaultKeyMap file is flagged as desync sensitive. Current hotkey system is very flawed, because it doesnt allow conflicts and unit hotkey types are not grouped very wisely. For example all age2 temple myth units should be in one hotkey. No point to have different hotkey for anubite,sphinx and wedjat. You cant set that hotkey to the same button. And if you try to edit DefaultKeyMap, it doesnt work online because of this nonsense DefaultKeyMap flag.

There is no point of having DefaultKeyMap tagged as desync sensitive, because you can already edit uimain.xml and there you can add command buttons (like in ekanta ui). And then you can add the same commands as in DefaultKeyMap commands like uiFindType(“AbstractBarracks”) and it works online just perfect. Because you can enter those commands through uimain.xml, desync flagging DefaultKeyMap wont stop you from using those commands online, so why not enable DefaultKeyMap to online play?

So please remove desync sensitive tag from DefaultKeyMap*.xml files.**

Hotkey overwrite bug is also very annoying, if I want to actually unbind hotkey I cant, because hotkey resets automatically. So workaround is to bind hotkey to like ctrl+shift+alt+p or something never used so it wont bother me.

Also there are some wrong descriptions in hotkey editor. For some reason Khopesh fighter hotkey is named as is “Dragon turtle” and Bogsweiger hotkey is “Build stable” and “build garden”.