Hotkey profile feature not working properly with dots

###Game Version: Definitive Edition

###Build: 101.101.33164.0 4413571

Certain keybind profiles have stopped working, specifically the delete and rename functions. I believe the issue stems from renaming the default (or any?) keybind with this format: “name 1.0”.

“name 1.0” cannot be deleted. If renamed, “name 1.0” still remains but creates a new profile with the rename.

Renaming “name 1.0” to “name 1” creates a new profile. When now deleting “name 1.0”, it deletes “name 1” instead.

When attempting to delete “name 1.0”, it doesn’t get deleted and a new profile named “BLANK (nothing)” is created.

Creating a new profile with a separate name. When deleting it, a profile named “name 1” gets created.

Renamed default profile “.”, it can no longer be renamed and will instead create new profiles when renamed. When the new profile is deleted, “name 1” gets created if not already existing.


  • Default profile is named “.” and cannot deleted and renaming creates another profile.
  • Profile “name 1.0” cannot be deleted and if renamed instead creates a new profile. If new profile is deleted, another new profile named “name 1” is created (if not already existing).
  • When deleting “name 1.0” while having a profile named “name 1”, “name 1” gets deleted and a new profile named “BLANK (nothing)” is created.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Rename default profile “name 1.0”
  2. Create a new profile named “.”

Personal notes:

By fumbling around with the auto-created profiles, renaming and deletion, I finally managed to fully erase my “.” and “name 1.0” profiles from the profile list. I’m afraid I couldn’t document this process since it was pretty much trial and error.