Hotkey request

Haha, nah I can count the number of times I’ve played any SC game on my hands and feet

Cool idea yeah! An option to select all infantry, all cav would be interesting…but it gets a bit tricky when deciding is a horse archer a cavalry or ranged type?

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When someone responds with anger that something “******* basic” is missing. One questions whether they are in fact talking about a feature that almost no RTS games have.

I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt that he misunderstood and was referring to something else and perhaps unaware of a feature we already had since he mentioned “do control groups correctly”.

ranged cav in 3 still falls under select all cavalry key, as aoe3 doesn’t have dedicated ranged class, as most units belong to it (due to colonial time period, there is melee too but not as much of it), now if implemented in 4, ye it’d be a tricky one, i’d still put it under cav, but make specific bind for select all ranged cav, not the best solution, but functional

If you are not going to use it, do not activate it, regards

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Haha you’re right - emotion skews understanding - and his post wasn’t clear

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Indeed I admit there are some people who would love it! It’s 100% worth experimenting with.