Hotkeys for switching between players when spectating

Is there a hotkey for switching between players besides ctl-shift-F#, with # corresponding to player number? That seems to not always work, and it would be nice to just be able to hit a key to cycle through the players.

Can you elaborate what’s not working with Ctrl+Shift+F# ?

There is no cycling through players button, but you can hold shift and click a building or unit of the player whose POV you’re interested in.


It seems very random to whether it works or not. I don’t know if some state gets messed up, or why it doesn’t always work for me. Shift+click will be fine.

Edit: Thanks for the tip. Shift+click would be easier than ctl+shift+F# anyways.

I think for Ctrl+Shift+F# to work your last click must be in the spectator UI overlay. If you click on something in-game to select or deselect it stops working until you click on the UI again. It is super unintuitive.

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