Hotkeys (How do I learn them?)

Hello, does anyone have any techniques I guess on how to learn the hotkeys?

Simply try them, keep using them. Eventually they will become second nature.

The best way to learn and get used to hotkeys is just use them a lot. Start with important things like building houses, and jumping to military buildings, and eventually, as AKC_HellStriker said, it becomes second nature. Takes time, but practice is always the answer.

Yep - just use them and you’ll learn it on the fly!

I’m using a Logitech G13, that’s a keyboard replacement which you can map all kinds of buttons to. I’m using it in every game and I’m used to that beeing my left hand thing. That also means, I have a common method of where I want which kind of button. I would die without hotkeys. And using one of these kind of forces you to always mind the hotkeys.
Anyway, what you always should consider is not to learn every hotkey there is, but learn the most useful. For example, you’ll probably just build one or two universities in the game, so the hotkey to build them is one you can do without.
Now the hotkeys that are really useful are the ones, which let you reduce your mouse usage. For example, scrolling the map is something you should never do with the edge of the screen, it’s just too much way. Assigning groups is something you have to do with hotkeys - and having to the map movement on the arrow keys and groups on the left control button is usually suboptimal. (You can alternatively use rightclick scrolling)
So you should think about having a layout that makes it fast & easy for you to control the game. It depends a bit on your taste what works for you, but think about it as a tool to make your life easier not as a secret skill to learn.

Practice makes perfect. Use more and you will remember and manage the key well

@GrimToadstool Any chance you are using Logitech Gaming Software? I’m trying to set it up but cannot do so as I don’t have permission \grrr\ to open AoEDE.exe. Even if I add the path manually (by exporting a profile, modifying the file and importing it again), it doesn’t work: The .exe is found but the profile doesn’t load when I start the game. :frowning:

Just by using you will manage to over time decorate the commands, it will gradually become natural for you to use these shortcuts.

Practice and find what works for you.

Playing deathmatch on Aegis is another way to really learn hotkeys since speed is everything in deathmatch