Hotkeys in campaigns


After seeing that some of the hotkey issues were fixed, I came back to the game and tried to launch a campaign, but still had an issue that I had noticed before. When setting customized hotkeys, those don’t always apply in the campaigns.
For example, if you set the the button to select the first age building construction pane, it continues using the grid, even if you’re in full custom mode. If you go to “Grid”, unbind all buttons, and go back to “Full custom”, these panes don’t have a shortcut anymore.

This doesn’t seem to apply to ALL shortcuts, but I noticed a lot that were affected.

This makes playing the campains quite unpleasant as you get used to a hotkey set and have to shift back to grid.

I’ll add that this also applies to the art of war missions.

ye for some reason scenarios aren’t the same version of the game as skirmish or multiplayer, idk why

Yes, i’m not sure why…

However nevermind, the art of war part is fine, I got mixed up and stayed on grid while playing around trying to find other issues. Campaign is still wrong though.

Campaign, as designed, does not have full hotkey support. I’m not sure on the timeline as to when it will be fully supported.