Hotkeys issue from a aoeiii player's perspective

Hello everyone, i came back to aoeii after 3700 hours on aoeiiiDE the last few years. This game is awesome, and i love it, but i have some issues with two particular hotkeys. Select all military/naval units works fine on land maps, but if you have a single warship on a water map, it will only select the ship, and will no longer work for land military units. That’s very annoying, because in a game with both naval and land military, controlling my land units becomes really difficult (because the hotkey will no longer work for land units). The other hotkey i think it doesn’t exist on aoeii, is that of “select all units of its kind”. That’s a very usefull hotkey on aoeiiiDE (and potentially could be also for aoeii) because it selects all units of the same kind scattered all over the map, so you can move them all together or put them under the same control group. That particular hotkey would release pressure from using “select all naval/land military units” and will also help gathering those units that for any reason didn’t reach their intended destination. For the lack of this hotkey, i find myself changing the minimap to showing military units just to search the missing pieces of military. There should be a hotkey solution for this, doing archeology with the minimap seems weird.

I’m probaby missing some information regarding the aoeii hotkeys aspect, so feel free to correct me if i’m wrong. I will appreciate that.

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