Hotkeys on alternate mode, dont work alternating on finding villagers on different zone

first please let me now what alternate on hotkeys mean. Im not sure if ALTERNATE mean that the hotkey will select a unit then when pressed again it will change to another unit but that is on a zone on a different zone of the map that the previous unit selected. If alternate means this then:

this is the hotkey (see hotkey above) for shift clicking the idle villager banner ( should do the same that shift clicking the idle banner, and should be named “find inactive group of villagers”),
but it stills works as this one (see hotkey below)(select all idlle villagers in the map)
also this default hotkey for villagers(see hotkey below) does nothing (the hotkey works if it is assigned to another key but not to the deafult key):
and this last hotkey (see hotkey below)doesnt alternate villagers (it select an idle villager but if i click it again it selects a villager that is very close to him instead of doing it alternately, meaning changing to a villager that is not close)

I use the TAB key to select the find idle villager but Sometimes it does not “find it”, instead sometimes i have to click on the map to deselect whatever i have and then it finds via the hotkey.

This was something that happened just last week, but hasnt come up since. I dont know if the devs addressed this issue