House of trastamara buff

Make it so it counts all shipments sent and not just the ones sent in that particular age.


Let’s just imagine this buff comes through, and take the classic Spanish FF build.

The spanish player sends 3v, 700c, 700w, 2 falcs, 5 lancers, 5hussars, maybe even 9 rods to cover a nascent skirm/art mass, sends cav combat, and Stradiots mercenaries. We are now 14-15 minutes into the game, with a very strong Spanish timing, and if you send the nerfed version of HoT (next patch will reduce by 80 instead of 100), your Age IV is now 1550f, 970c (almost an age 3 cost) but also a whopping 72% faster ! 720 instant “ressources” +faster-than-exiled-prince age up is not bad for an age 2 card… and it just gets better from there

House of Trastamara, imho, needs to be a situational card, that comes at a high XP cost because it scales off of shipments sent while you commit to an age.

I honestly don’t see a problem, you mentioned a scenario of 9 cards sent therefore the high xp cost is covered. Given the lack of 1000 coin this would make an FI into tercio/cannon way easier.