Houses, Lumbers and mining camps

Hello, I was thinking in the reason of the weird logic behind the cost of these buildings.

Houses, that suposed to be a permanent building cost just 25 and has been strongly nerfed with negative armor just for not promote house walling.

Lumbers and mining camps, that suposed to be a temporal structure to stockpile raw resources cost 100 wood, have more HP and take even more time to building that houses.

So, beyond that It works for game that way, what would affect the game if some stats would swapped between houses and camps?

Houses: Cost 75W, Support 10 pop (15 for Incas), 600 / 800 / 1000 HP, 30 Build time, Armor melee 0 / 1 / 2 / 3, LOS 6

Lumber/Mining Camps: Cost 25W, 400 / 600 / 800 HP, 20 Build Time, Armor Melee -2 / -1 / 0 / 1

Actually, it is quite absurd that only Khmer villager know how to hide inside houses. But thats game, bro


the Khmer are the only civ that builds houses with functioning doors and windows, for the rest of the civs they’re just boxes with wallpaper.

I think this would be a huge nerf to houses, i don’t see anyone building walls out of lumber camps. Houses serve 2 purposes, walling and giving pop room. Also 75 wood for a 10 pop house isn’t great, since that’s the equivalent of 3 houses that give 15 pop xD

This would also be a buff to the Huns, since they don’t build houses, and all their camps would cost -75 wood :rofl:


And a big nerf to Japanese.

Meanwhile Malians will be the only one that stay almost the same.


Lol right, they’d get a whopping 12,5 wood discount as a civ bonus! :rofl:
it’s funny how such a “small” change like OP suggested can have a big impact in the game.

I never said it would a “small” change… It is a big change, I wonder how this could impact the game.
You are right, Huns would be buffed.
In case of Japanese, the discount could be applied to houses. 38W each 10 pop house.

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This would be a nerf to japanese and incas and a buff to huns.

Just because viper and co the house, and many other things gameplay wise got changed, because they don’t know how to play a game. Sad.

I didn’t say you said it was a small change, i meant “small” because houses aren’t that important when compared to other buildings like Castles and whatnot. (25 wood isn’t a big loss, 75w however would be)

I think this would nerf walling a lot more and would force players to play open, since using houses as part of walls would be out of the question.

I understad, but houses would still being used in walls, just would not be spammed behind palisades, or used for quickwalls.

Huns would be OP, Inca instant S-tier

On the bright side, I suppose Persians and Malians wouldn’t be the no contest kings of nomad anymore.

  1. 25 wood camps? This is like giving paladin at the beggining.