Hovering Over DLC Civilizations Crashes my Game, Steam, Windows 10 OS

I don’t know how to replicate it or what is causing it, I’ve tried looking online but there was nothing.

Back in August the Game was working fine for me, I was able to play and I made a map using the Scenario Editor.

Just some information ^

First it was the Chinese Civilization which crashed my game when hovered over. Verified game cache and it fixed, Then it was the Vikings, I reinstalled the game and it fixed.

Now it’s hovering over DLC Civilizations which crash my game. Obviously there’s the simple, “JuSt DoN’t HoVeR oVeR iT” but I want to know why it’s crashing, it makes no sense as the only thing hovering over the DLC Civilizations would show the civ bonuses and negatives to playing it. Even accidentally touching the border of it crashes my game.

The game runs fine, I just tested it and it is the DLC Civilizations when hovered over. All four of them.

I think they are crashing because they’re there but the base game Definitive Edition doesn’t have the text and information on those DLC Civs. I hope if this is the case that they fix it somehow? I have reinstalled the game so there must be something wrong.

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Hey, could you please provide us with your crash logs and minidump files, so we can properly investigate your issue?