How 1v1 rankgame match?

since the last few weeks, my matched game is not fair anymore.
80% of my games my opponents elo are higher than me from 10 to 100
how come this matching system is so unfair right now?

My Elo Opponent Elo Difference
1442 1469 -27
1455 1499 -44
1468 1525 -57
1454 1420 34
1437 1473 -36
1419 1480 -61
1404 1400 4
1388 1399 -11
1402 1427 -25
1417 1433 -16
1417 1446 -29

On average that is a difference of 24 ELO points, which is not huge. It is definitely within the margin of what can be considered normal. You mostly play 14xx rated players, just like yourself.

Playing higher rated opponents doesn’t make the game unfair. The ELO system works in such a way that you lose less rating points if you lose against a higher rated opponent, and win more points if you beat them. The bigger the difference, the less the points you lose.

If your opponents would always be a bit higher rated than yourself and you win less than half of the matches, your rating doesn’t necessarily become lower. But I understand it can be less fun to play higher rated players and thus lose more matches. Not sure if anything can be done about it though.

For all games and all players as a whole, the average rating difference is 0.


Seems like all pretty close to me. Around that level i think the number of players begins to start scare. That means you will get some bigger elo differences. But this doesnt seems strange at all.

Thanks for your reply. I understand difference of 24 Elo is not a huge amount.
But for long term playing it’s really unfair for that single player.

I dont really care about the rating elo because if I am good enough I can climb up eventually.
But as you said, it 's do affecting my win rate,
I have lost too many games in these 2 weeks, really feel frustrated like the system keep putting me to play with the higher elo players and making me harder to win a single game.

With an average rating difference of 24 Elo points, the skill difference between you and your opponents shouldn’t be that significant. It would be different if your opponents were consistently rated 100-200 points higher than yourself.

Don’t let the losses frustrate you. You climbed up the rating ladder and your opponents become tougher. If you lose many games as a result, you will eventually get easier opponents. But your list shows you stay within the 1400 range, so you’re not doing that bad.

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actually it’s not 24 elo difference, as you divided 10 games, while there are few games which is similar.
it’s around 30 elo difference if i dont count those which is within 20 difference.

I have just curios and do my last 50 games record.
interesting point is, my another 40 games result are also unfair that the result of me facing stronger opponents is kind of higher than the opposite. although it’s kind of more balanced than my last 10 games.

but I believe those between 1300 to 1400, the player base must be bigger than 1400~1500.
for my experience, the difference of 100 is really a huge huge difference, and 50 is big enough to estimate the win rate.
if someone is 1350 and the other is 1400, my estimation of 1400 win rate should be around 60 to 70% already.

Besides the significantly smaller pool of players at 1400 elo(meaning the search bracket has to be widened) looking at your actual elo change… You won your first 2 games so how was the higher elo such an issue? So the system will try match you vs harder opponents. (maybe you had been winning a lot recently which further improved the odds of high elo difference)

At some point you lost a game even though your elo was 34 pt higher than the opponent (what about this unfairness?)

At 1388 you lost the match vs a 1399 player. How is that unfair? You were only just recently at 1468. How must that 1399 player feel if he lost against you only to find out you were at 1468? He’ll come make a post and blame poor match making?

What this boils down to is you do not have anything to complain about. The system isn’t psychic. It can’t tell the future.

It can only work on stats and algos and try to give you a balanced game.

If you had repeated elo differences of 50+ or even up to 200 then yes you would have something to complain about a flawed system. (btw these are all things people have actually had)

You won 4 out of 10 games? That’s pretty well matched for an ai just given some random numbers heavily influenced by numerous factors such as power civs and map-civ combinations.

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well, I have never complained about single or specific game.
I am talking about the general matching for my account.
While the others are having a “more” fair matching in average.
Why my account is having this what you called “slightly unfairness”?

using someone highest elo to compare is no sense, I have played with a guy with 1400 elo while his highest point is 1600. sometimes people have good mode in some periods.
for me I dont think I worth 1500, right now the 1400 elo is suited for me as this is how elo system works. it reflects how well you play at the moment.

I just took a look of my last 50 games, you can say this is totally non-sense about this slightly elo difference, but what I want to say is, if this rank matching is totally fair and randomly match between the players within the range, then why my matching is so “unrandomly”?

opponents elo higher than mine over 50 elo = 7 games
opponents elo lower than mine over 50 elo = 1 game

opponents elo higher than mine over 40 elo = 10 games
opponents elo lower than me over 40 elo = 3 games

opponents elo higher than mine over 30 elo = 16 games
opponents elo lower than me over 30 elo = 6 games

I think this behaviour is the result of the match making system and the fact your elo is pretty high compared to most players. 1400 is around top 10% of the world. I think it is just fine.

How the system works:

  • It starts with looking closely around your rating. The range will increase while you are longer in the queue.
  • A match is made if for one player, the other player will be in the search range.

The result is that the elo of your opponent can be kinda skewed. That is what you see as ‘slightly unfair’. The other option is to let higher rated players (and then i mean the really top players) to wait in the queue for minutes and minutes before they get a match. I also think that is undesirable.

You have to know this game isnt played online by million players at the same time.

YUP you are right, I think I can only see it’s my bad luck then.
If i dont care the win rate showing too much, everything should be fine.