How about adding unique bonuses for Wonders of each civilization?

Wonder is not something we can easily build, and thus, it’s not that used except for victory with a Wonder. What is more, winning a game with a Wonder isn’t common. Most Wonder games are for campaigns.

So, I suggest to adding special bonuses for each civ’s Wonder.

It’s like the Wonder in the Noryang Point scenario.

Wonder requires lots of resources that it’s maybe not bad even if we add some good bonuses for each Wonder.

How about it? If it is acceptable, then what would be good ideas? Any idea for some civs?

Just for an example, letting 10 extra population limit for Chinese Wonder. It’s experiencing the Goth’s bonus indirectly by Wonder as the Chinese. For another example, automatic increasing of Gold for Huns Wonder. Or giving the effect of Thumb Ring for British Wonder.


It will be very fun, but hard to balance, maybe it shoudl be a game mod then.


Wonders could give you gold back like the same as 5 relics, that would motivate players to create them, but only if effect doesn’t stack adding more wonders.

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Agreed. As much as i would like to see them added i think they would be a nightmare to make them balanced between team games, maps like black forest and death match while still keeping them remotely viable for open 1v1s…

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Just NO

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For me great idea :wink:

Really a great idea. Yes, i agree the bonus also could cover the civ’s weakness as it is a building that requires 1k resource and you aren’t gonna see it anyway in 1v1 or even team games as it takes away eco force.

Britons: get thumb ring get something to cover their weakness

Byzantine: get blood line

Teutons: get bracer


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In general you are saying that you can get a missing tech. This is a great idea, even if some scenarios could be difficult to balance (franks with bloodlines is an example).

Actually, one civ with a wonder bonus would be good.

This could be a Turk bonus. Something like: a wonder provides you 4-5 relic trickle…

Well, i wouldn’t say Franks weakness are their cavs. And honestly neither that of britons are archers but i took the suggestion from upreplies. Should have thought more.

I usually prefer to be conservative with those type of changes, but I still like the idea. Wonders have absolutely no place in competitive games right now. I’d like them to be an option that might come in handy in like 1% of the games.

It just shouldn’t be anything that’s crazy strong and therefore worth rushing. More like “I expect the game to go for at least another 30 minutes and want to have an advantage grinding it out”.

I still think your suggestions might be too weak though. 1000 gold and especially 1000 stone is A LOT of ress. Also the build time is crazy (and translates into a lot of idle time).

It probably won’t happen though, as it is pretty unneccessary and might result in some imbalances, which could simply have been avoided. I’d still like that it would add the strategic aspect to 1v1 late games where you need to decide if you want to just focus on trash wars, or if you want to take the risk building a wonder.

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