How about playing “All Tech” for one season?

I recently start to spend a bit time checking forums, and read a couple balance complaints in RM, DM or TG revolving mostly team bonuses.
In AOE2 there is that “all tech” option that enables full tech tree for all civs but takes out all civ bonuses, team bonuses, team units and such, leaving only UU as the only unit unique to civilisation.
If people are complaining about civ bonuses a lot, what about rolling a season where players play RM, DM or TG using that “all tech” option? Maybe players will have some new idea on how they approach their civs without those regular bonuses. And since every civ is very similar, maybe some will have some new ideas regarding balance changes.

Edit: “Season” is a concept borrowed from Starcraft II when ladder match map pool changes. For AOEII DE, this would be the period when ranked map pool updates to a new set.

not a fan of this idea at all. the only variety would be unique units and techs, which feels very bland.

Good idea. Helps to get a perspective :slightly_smiling_face:. Some bonuses are so subtle you realize it’s importance only after loosing it!

To me this settings seems to be not popular at all. There might be some players in the lobby using this setting, but not much at all. So i dont think it is a good idea to force it to the ranked queue.

Also there are no seasons in AoE II at all. So you have to clearify what you meant with season in your suggestion.

AOE II DE dev forced players to play maps other than Arabia and arena in the ladder every once in a while so… yeah.

As for Season, you can check my updated OP.

100% no. Will make the game super boring