How about the old Arabia?

Watching KOTD3 made me miss the voobly arabia. A real open map where feudal play isn’t shut down with 10 palisade tiles and 2 houses. Where hills and resource location is chaotic and unpredictable. Where woodlines do not resemble a city ring road.

What would it take to have a real arabia map in the ranked rotation?


A couple more weeks of waiting :slight_smile: ?



I love when that’s the answer. Thanks!


They are about to make arabia map unplayable.

Only 3 wood spots, so easy for a tower fest to control enemy’s map, woodlines are already poor in current version, cause those woodlines are from hc2 arab(easy to hit with archer from behind), not from the original, also they are about to place the berries at further distance.

They really want to force us to play other maps…

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I’d say less wall-able Arabia is a big win for the player base, that’s what most Arabia players want. And currently towers arent in a strong place, so I’d say that’s not a big concern. But ultimately everyone is welcome to block Arabia and play the other ranked que maps if they desire.


With scattered resources, towers may be not as effective. One tower could control one forest line, but not two. We shall see what happens …

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They are basically bringing back old arabia which was by far the most played map (more than it currently is) so I doubt you can call it unplayable.


How is something that doesn’t favour anyone more than another, suddenly unplayable?

Also let’s wait and see exactly how much its changed when we actually play before we have knee jerk “World ending” reactions…


anything that makes walling/defensive play harder and encourages more aggression should be lauded by the community right now.


Agree. The variety of gameplay strategy I’ve seen in one day of kotd3 has far surpassed the “DE arabia” ladder play we’ve seen for months from pros or any of the games I’ve played. Scouts, mass skirms, towers, and drushes are actually all viable on most maps. That means good scouting in dark age is rewarded. For months, I’d have games where, by the time I have 18 vils, the opponent is fully walled. Certainly by feudal. Its not the problem of walls (I know there’s threads to nurf them), it was always a map problem.

Thank you for the discussion. Look forward to trying it out.

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You guys don’t understand it yet, back at the voobly days, the UP 1.4 brought 90 millions more of variations in the map creation, which turned arabia into one small and far woodline 5 hills and 3 lakes, arabia was so bad that the map was completely removed from any tournament and even rated games and the era of custom arabia like maps started.

One thing is a more open map, i am for it, but maps with bad woodlines can be decided with few towers and man at arms in like 13 mins, i came from that meta which was the most common thing, the wood distribution matters, if it is all in the same place like they showed in the video, the fights will be focused in controlling the woodlines, cause walling will prevail.

You know voobly arabia where multiple versions? You had the Arabia from the game, but each KOTD had his own version, like most other tournaments. So what is the real arabia?

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Good point, mate. Truth is, the real arabia is probably endlessly debatable with all the HC versions, v1.5 “standard”, WIC, kotd, GA, etc.

The current is definitely not it, however. Pretty certain of that. The meta gameplay says it all.

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Meh, i dont know of the meta shows it all. Even on the current tournament maps, players turn there base into a walled based. I think the meta is changed because players much more value eco. The game is much more about not getting behind in eco instead of destroying the eco of the enemy. That is happening at every map.

In the end there wont be a perfect Arabia for everyone. But i clearly understand your main point. The current version dont really feel like all the others and is much more campy.

Well, you can go watch KotD2, you don’t see less walls than currently on the qualifiers. When DE came out there was a meta-shift because Crossbows were better and ranked maps were so closed and static among other reasons. Maybe 10 years ago some players didn’t value eco enough, but this meta-shift is because of external factors and not pro-players valuing the wrong things. Also, on very open maps walls aren’t always the best way to value eco over damage, we don’t see these other ways in ranked however because the current Arabia is too closed.

Honestly it was so easy and fun for everybody to just put KotD3 Arabia in the map pool rotation during KotD3. I don’t know about you but if there are hundreds of great pro games on that map for a month, I kinda wanna try it too!


In all games in this kotd3 all the players were walling

Then where is the problem? This thread is obviously not about completely removing walls from Arabia…

And this is why i mentioned the walling, because in this post they think open arabia means no wall, but it is not, so what is the new?!

Your Exaggeration. OP wrote:
“Watching KOTD3 made me miss the voobly arabia. A real open map where feudal play isn’t shut down with 10 palisade tiles and 2 houses. Where hills and resource location is chaotic and unpredictable. Where woodlines do not resemble a city ring road.”