How am I supposed to tell if 2021 Lunar New Year event is completed?

It is simple. There is an ongoing Lunar New Year event in AOEII where you do certain stuff and get profile icon etc. I clearly remember I completed all of them. But now when I log in, I can’t tell if the event has been completed. Last time the event page displayed in a way as if I did nothing. This time it lists out all event details with icon highlighted. I can see I seem to have associated icons lit up and usable, but that page confuses me.

The worst case scenario for me would be to just do the whole thing once again or forget about it. However, I want to know if anyone else has similar issue.

Check whatever the reward was for the last challenge and check whether you have unlocked it in the mods section of the game.

Ok, I will take a look.

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The same happened to me and the rewards are still here. However it sucks for people who didn’t complete all the challenges as the 1st challenge keeps coming back again and again, locking out the other rewards.

It’s a bug, happened to me and many were reporting the same on reddit. Although I still have the profile icons and the two mods unlocked

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