How are aztecs more balanced than ever?

There is no way to kill mass infantry (specially skirmishers), ERKs are just usefull vs a single type of unit, Coyotes are underhelming stopping skirmishers in later ages.

AKs arent that good sieging walls (they have to spread, being less defendable) and captured mortars take too much pop slots
Also, AKs move to the targeted unit after killing it, annoying.

JPK as everyone knows here will be nerfed. Ironic that all changes were to avoid monocombing but right now Aztecs are monocombing more than ever.

You didnt want coffee?, have 3 cups

PD: I cant believe Hauds got merged extensive fortifications, training and natives cards while wampum boost training too. Whats the point of a stronger plaza if everyone is better with less effort??