How are markets going to work?

Title says it all, how are markets going to work in AOE IV.

Similiar to AoE 2 where you can only trade with other players or Age of Mythology where you can also trade internally making it viable for 1v1?

Random thought… did this footage released remind anyone of the AEO 3 coin farms? Seeing the charater on foot didn’t really screamed trade to me…

It’s worth noting that two of the four confirmed civilizations have ways of generating gold after it runs out on the map. The English can generate it from their farms, and the Chinese have a unique unit that collects it from buildings. It’s possible that trade has been de-emphasized as a means of gold collection, in favor of these types of mechanics.

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You can see neutral market (no player colours) in some of the videos.
In one you can clearly see trade units walking towards it. (Castle Age English clip)
It’s seems like trade is between neutral market/trade hubs and player markets.

Not sure if there will be trade between players.

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