How are the times in the meta? [Age ups, strategy timing...]

Hi there, trying to improve my strategies in the game, but not sure how well am I doing so far…

I know a bit about the timing of age 2, all civs should age up between 4:30 or 5:00 minutes to have a good response early game (So far so good, never past 5 minutes for me).

About age 3 if both parties don’t go for a ff or semi ff they will probably age up around 11:00 minutes by economic favor alone, but I’ve seen players that when they try to boom to a ff they do it in around the 6:30 minute mark, INSANE timing.

So what about the rest of the timings according to a strategy? What about for example a ff, semi ff, fast industrial, treaty age ups, first 2 falconets rush by shipment, age II military rushes…

If you can think about more be sure to leave it below, thx for all support :3

Well fastest ff would be a 10/10 or 12/10 and straight into 700g age 2, spain/portugal can do that.

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That’s 10 settlers to age 2 and then all-in to age 3? (To age up at minute 10:00 I mean)

yeah ports just go 10/10 on most maps as they have no villager shipments, gather 300 gold, ship 700, could even age up with 500f if you want to age really fast but would be sacrificing eco not training many settlers or making buildings.

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