How big the next Expansion Will be?

I think we need to be careful with what we expect from this expansion. I’m sure that it’s going to be huge as some of the streamers keep mentioning but it’s healthy to have a logical expectation for what’s to come to not end up disappointed.

I believe it’s reasonable to expect the following:

  • One new campaign focusing on the sultan theme
  • Two or three new civilizations (two confirmed currently)
  • 1-3 new biomes
  • 2-4 new maps
  • 1-2 new modes

That is what I think is the minimum amount of content, but before that, I wanna see the price of the DLC

I’d expect it to be around 10-15 euros depending on the size of the expansion.

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I think $12.99 is the perfect price for the DLC
The game is already $39.99

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Yes probably will be around that price, but it depends what they do with it. If they have new graphics and animations on top of everything else I can see the price go up more to justify the costs.

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Well, according to “Age of Noob” the expansion will be gigantic and will give us more to think about. Considering that apparently he really knows everything that will come out in the expansion, but as a good loyal fan of the company he respects the agreement not to reveal anything, we are only left with the greatest possible speculation.

Since nothing else can be done at the moment, I will try to finish the challenges of the “World Gaia Appreciation” event, which apparently sometimes get bugged. I won 2 prizes one day and they didn’t want to accept the 3rd prize for playing on the Pantano map. On the 2nd day they accepted it for playing in the swamp, and I already have the alligator icon.

On the other hand, since the expansion issue is already done, I will consider taking into account how the new civs are made for my future concepts. Now we know that things like roads, or wall-type structures like the aqueduct are valid for the gameplay, as well as having 2 or 3 types of monks (like the Japanese), possibly this influences taking more liberties when making concepts of new civs.

I’m already planning my own concept of Nordics, or Vikings, but by the Castle Age they became Danes, Norwegians and Swedes. Because they practically have the same origin and few unique technologies by themselves, at least for me I think it would be better for the 3 civs to come as one, and that with Landmarks they are separated into 3. That and finishing my model for the sultanate of Morocco and Al-Andalus.

Curiously, someone already made one of Al-andalus, congratulations (AL-ÁNDALUS CIV CONCEPT).


Isn’t The Forgotten the biggest expansion of the entire saga? (5 civs and 7 campaigns)…

Yes, that’s true… for pro players a gigantic expansion may seem like a normal expansion for veteran players (2 civs and an one campaign)…

Yes, I agree, it will surely be an Abbasid campaign in the Crusades showing the rise of the Ayyubid sultanate with Saladin defeating the Crusaders in the third crusade or an Abbasid campaign in the Crusades in general (1095-1291)…

For me it’s going to be Abbasid (Crusades and Rise of the Ayyubid Sultanate), Ottoman (Rum Sultanate and Ottoman Empire) (from Manzikert to Mohács), Delhi (rise and fall of the Delhi Sultanate and rise of the Mughal Empire) and maybe Japanese ( from the Gempei wars to the siege of Osaka) (although an insider told me that there would be no Japanese campaign)…

For me, it’s Japan, Byzantium and Jerusalem/Crusader States… the Ayyubid Sultanate may be a campaign civ based on that of the Abbasids…

They seem like very few maps to me, they would have to be between 10 and 15 maps, like in the last dlc of AoE 3…

Yes, it seems very strange to me as a dlc name…

Yes I agree…

Let’s hope so, with a good expansion, the game can “revive” and rebound in popularity again…TAR and KotM improved 3 DE in a brutal way… they seem like new games within the same game…


Conquerors expansion is the biggest it added new generic units new regional units 5 civis historical battles campaigns and balance changes.


Let’s hope they add an additional generic and regional unit for most civs.
That will really spice up things.

On price, I’m not sure why people are expecting an expansion to be priced any lower than $20 USD.

Expansions used to cost this (or more) back in the day, nevermind nowadays.

Of course, the amount of content is what’ll really matter, but I worry people are setting unrealistic expectations when they want it for $15 USD or less regardless.

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Unfortunately I don’t think we will get those. I think you should make another 10 new threads complaining about the game looking bad.
AoE2 and AoE3 let us zoom out very far but somehow the AoE4 team really doesn’t want us to, do they all only play on the Steamdeck?

That’s something we are waiting for that was promised.
They recently removed almost all civilisation differences from naval warfare, it’s time to make this interesting again.

But tbh. naval warfare was always bad in AoE 1-3 and even AoM.

Those are all semi likely thing.
Not sure what you mean with AI interactions. Sending them command like “attack here” or “send me gold”?

Gamemodes are something that they have already slowly started adding (like Nomad) so I can see them keep doing that.

If they say biggest i expect at least 6 new civ,if its biggest only for aoe4 i expect 3 civ

Yes, these are implementations that could make the skirmish more interesting.

They said the biggest expansion in the AOE saga

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Where did they say this? And who is “they”?

In a video dev said that

all i ever heard was biggest for aoe4 so far, which isn’t a exactly hard to do, idk where the biggest in aoe saga talk is from, seems extremely made up, almost as if someone didn’t pay attention to what that producer said, he specifically said aoe4 not all of aoe


Yeah I’m hoping the devs really lift the floodgates on info about this expansion, but at the same time I do hope folks / content creators / anyone aren’t hyping themselves beyond what is reasonable.

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they most definitely are, take anything they say with large grain of salt

in this video after 15:30 but he said biggest for aoe 4 so dont expect much i say