How big the next Expansion Will be?

Where did they say this? And who is “they”?

In a video dev said that

all i ever heard was biggest for aoe4 so far, which isn’t a exactly hard to do, idk where the biggest in aoe saga talk is from, seems extremely made up, almost as if someone didn’t pay attention to what that producer said, he specifically said aoe4 not all of aoe


Yeah I’m hoping the devs really lift the floodgates on info about this expansion, but at the same time I do hope folks / content creators / anyone aren’t hyping themselves beyond what is reasonable.

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they most definitely are, take anything they say with large grain of salt

in this video after 15:30 but he said biggest for aoe 4 so dont expect much i say


literally what i’m desperately attempting to point out, the “biggest of all aoe” talk is pure made up nonsense

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The truth is that no matter what the developers give us with this expansion there will always be people that complains about it.


But The Conquerors included just 4 campaigns: Attila, El Cid, Montezuma and the battles of the conquistadors… I mean at the level of content…

They better… stop selling smoke then…

The past few posts point out that they didn’t, in fact, make this claim :slight_smile:


Well, let them be clear then… otherwise people get overhyped and if they don’t meet expectations, they will get very upset…

They were clear, according to the linked video. Nobody can stop people taking things out of context, though.

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“The biggest expansion released for AoEiV to date” isn’t entirely inaccurate considering it’s been the only expansion for AoEIV to date…



It’s just that they come out with what is going to be the biggest expansion, but then they don’t clarify whether it’s for AoE IV or the entire saga and what they mean by “biggest expansion”…

It is stated very clearly in the interview that it is the biggest for aoe 4. Internet users that are not associated with the development are claiming otherwise.

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Well, but there is no other expansion to compare with (the malians and ottomans are not an expansion per se)…an expansion with 3 civs and 3 campaigns would be an acceptable expansion…

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:D:D:D:D: This is the first expansion and they call it the biggest wasdadawada :smiley: jokes aside im waiting for atleast 3 new civs

Yes, they did clarify :slight_smile:

Well, okay… we just have to wait then…

These statements coming from some streamers Who supposly had a some chance to play a beta or something that.

Please, read my First post. I don’t Say developers but streamers. So, this Is the reason for the main title: what would you expect from this expansion?