How broken would this civ be? A laming civ

How broken civ would this be? A civ specifically designed to do laming. Would it be unbeatable?

See alll wild life on the map.
Get two times the food from wild animals, including boar, elephant, etc.
Loom gives two times the HP.
All garrison units heal 100 times faster.
Villagers only receive one damage from boar.
Start with one extra boar near their town center.

Even without laming, the combination of these bonuses is super strong. You essentially have 6 Boars for yourself.

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this is a troll post right?


Yesh it would be obnoxious and even if you play the enemy civ perfectly they will still be behind economically thanks to the extra food the lame civ would have

Best way to beat them is probably to just lame them yourself lol

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Double HP from Loom and garrison regen bonus also sounds like a more OP Noburu rush lol.

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Do they get military units?

Hard to evaluate anything based off eco bonuses alone, those seem dramatically overtuned, but if they literally didn’t get Knights, and they couldn’t go to imperial age, I’d imagine it’d be a pain to play, but possible to beat.


Just the extra boar +2 times food is a HUGE bonus alone.


Just imagine this civ on socotra.

But even without that the civ is just OP on open land maps.

Insane early information bonus, also tells you where your opponent must be

Also Op. If it was only the food it would already be insane, but hunters also work so much faster.

Gives a really strong bonus in vill vs vill fights. Don’t say this alone is OP, but ofc a very strong bonus in maps where early vll fights are a thing, but also for all kind of forward and/or ressource laming.

Yeah this is absurdly op. Just make TCs + towers and your vills basically can’t die, way too strong for trsuhes.

Yeah with this you could lame boars with sending vills forward ^^. Yeah it fits the theme of the civ, but it’s just absurd.

Remember when tatars received 2 extra sheep in feudal and it needed to be removed cause it was OP with the +50% food sheep bonus?


If you start theoretical discussions like this then you could also say the same for a farming civ (and my civ will only use bonuses that already exist in the game):

Farms cost -40%
Farmers work 10% faster
Farm upgrades free
Start with +100 food and +100 wood

I think my civ would beat your civ… lame me all you like.

I don’t know, 100 times fater garrisoned healing sounds like one of those things that’s really abusable with enough micro. Might just basically always win with a specific strat, maybe tower rush or castle drop.

Dont think it would be even close, with 3 boar he can do something like a 16pop into towerrush (with vills that have 55hp), while you play a generic civ. Its prolly gg before you seed the first farm.


Just make a civ that gets houses and palissades that are free and built instantly, running villagers and Vietnamese LoS bonus and you can wall in all the boars before they even scout them 11

Can just wall in dark age and rush down any towers if needed. Tower rush has been ineffective for months.

This would make tower rushes very strong with this civ, and the devs hate civs being good at tower rushes.

Not when you can’t kill their vills (see: old Incas) and even less so when you’re not able to counter tower yet.

Has the OP ever played the game before making that post?