How broken would trading with your own market be?

How broken would it be? Would it totally ruin the game?

Okay, you need to invest in making two markets and some trade carts. You could even perhaps make the markets a small distance away from each other. Less gold, but safer trade that way.

Plus, trading with your own market I find would ruin Diplo games totally.

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i think this idea needs to be taken out back and put down and never shown the light of day again.

Spanish and Indians would love it though.


AoM works that way, not sure if that necessarily translates to the same viability in AoE2 though

I say why not but only if incomes are divide by 2.5
Gold miner 29gold per minute
Relic 30g/m
Trade 23g/m
Selling food and wood 5g/m
Trade unit are more expansive and harder to protect, that why I think /2.5 it’s a good trade for trade with yourself. It can help against too much passive game or help to finish a game in 1vs1. When you push forward in very late game and you have 3/4 of the map the last 1/4 of map is very long to destroy sometime it can take more than half an hour.

Sorry. But it would break the game.

I don’t know about totally ruining the game, but it would require years of balancing because of how much it changes lategame in 1v1.

If you have 3/4 of the map in the very lategame, your opponent is already dead, because they chopped all their trees.

This is something I proposed a while back as a rework for the feitoria. Instead of a trickle of resources, your own feitorias would work as an ally market but at much lower gold income rate. Like 20% or 15% lower than regular trade.
It would be useless in team games though

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I think it would make no sense too

Your internal eco is your coin

So how would it increase by an internal trade?

If you are good a bit, you can rebuild building as soon as they are destroy. They cost only wood… There is not only island as map. The time require to chop all trees is very long.

It will allow to produce some siege unit to destroy more quickly building.
There is no trash unit who can destroy trash building…

I actually didn’t understand what you mean

How do you destroy building with trash unit (cost only wood and food)?
Some game are 30min or 1hour longer only because, the losing player can build trash building(cost only wood) faster than you can destroy them.

You don’t. Except a situation when you have 0 gold, it’s a 1v1, both sides no longer have gold mines (which is very unlikely tbf) and then you use Hussars and make a Ram or treb by selling resources

There could be one map where you have a neutral market in the middle :smiley: Something like Gold rush but with a market :smiley:


TBH if there was going to be an enormous economic overhaul like this in the game, I would much rather see woodlines replenish over time, or fish replenish overtime, or just have way more wood on trees so they at least last longer and the whole map doesn’t turn into a desert through overchopping. This way you could just make more produce to sell at the market for gold in late game.

Yea essentially something like the AOE3 trade routes which are a good addition.

Do not forget turks!

Infinite resources are bad I hate AOE3 for that. There’s no skill there, the Kind required with AOE2. Yes but one scenario is good, say, map with a neutral market or something