How can I add custom sounds to the dialogues in the scenery editor?

I am doing a “campaign” of various scenarios and I want to put sound to the dialogues of the characters, but I can’t find a way to add sound tracks.


I already tried with different MP3, WAV, WEM formats, but none of them recognize it or I don’t know in which folder to put those audios, not even creating a mod enuan path like this “mods / local / modsounds / sound / dialog”. I do not know if it is because that feature is not implemented or the form, so that I use it is not the correct one, and the path is not the indicated one. I already looked everywhere and found nothing. Before in the original version of aoe3 you could find the sounds in the path sound / dialog but now it no longer works. please help

doing tests I managed to find the solution and it is quite easy: the first thing to do is in a mod create the folder “sound” and there put the sound of the dialog in mp3. then simply put the name of the file with the extension .mp3 as shown in the following images

I hope this helps someone else

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